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Federal contracting is a multi-billion dollar market. The Federal Government of the United States is one of the largest purchasers of innovative technology and invests in the earliest and riskiest stages of technology development. As an innovator, you’re probably wondering how you can tap into this amazing avenue to get seed funding for your projects. This book is exactly what you’ve been looking for.Read more...

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What Our Readers Are Saying

The Federal Contracting Playbook is a must-read for any entrepreneur or inventor who wants to know step by step how to procure government funding to grow and support their business.

Kiena Lee

Author of Divine Secrets of Affluent Women: The Guide to Owning Your Wealth

As an aspiring entrepreneur, I have failed to realize the power that government agencies can have on a businesses’ ability to succeed. This book provides us with a compelling framework on how to properly leverage these agencies to grow our businesses. This is a must-read for any business owner or innovator.

Alli Esker

Author of The Power of Pivot; Consultant at Microsoft

The Federal Contracting Playbook is an informative book that gives the reader a step-by-step breakdown on federal funding from an expert in the field who is eager to share her knowledge. This book allows you to become more knowledgeable about what is happening at a federal level by giving you digestible information that has the power to help you do big things.

Camryn Cobb

Author of To Hear a Girl Scream: A Memoir of Dreams and Insights in the 21st Century

I have learned so much from this fascinating book! I could go on and on – oh, the resources, templates and worksheets are great – the Power Plays throughout the book are well placed, and the examples from sport and business are fascinating!!!

Rebecca Bailey

The Federal Contracting Playbook uniquely breaks down federal government contracting, weaving in the concepts of track and field. Reading this book brings you right to the track -- only this time not the track of a runner but the inside track of innovation, intelligence, and the federal procurement arena.

Emily Kumpf

Author of I’m Fine: A Student Perspective on Suicide and Mental Health on College Campuses

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About the Author

Janelle A. Billingslea

Janelle A. Billingslea, PhD is a visionary business leader, federal contract and procurement expert, health and wellness entrepreneur, and technology acquisition advocate with a passion for promoting solutions that optimize human performance and potential.

She attended Georgetown University for undergraduate and graduate school and worked at the US Department of Defense, Health and Human Services, and the Veterans Administration, delivering innovative technical solutions to solve our most pressing national challenges and saving the lives of soldiers at war. Janelle has been honored with a diverse list of awards, licenses, and certifications and is a seasoned expert in emerging technologies, supply chain management, global procurement, and federal contracts—managing a portfolio of 350+ projects and products valued at over a billion dollars.

As a former track and field athlete, Janelle earned coveted scholarships at two NCAA Division 1 schools— University of North Carolina and Georgetown University—becoming a three-time All-American, setting a world record in the 500m, and reaching running times that qualified for the Olympics Trials before her career was cut short by a torn Achilles tendon.

Janelle is known for her holistic approach to feeding the human mind, body, and spirit to promote human achievement and peace. She was recognized with an honorary doctorate from the Global Oved Dei Seminary and University and served as a Goodwill Ambassador to the Olof Palme Peace Foundation, where she was conferred the title “Her Excellency.”

Learn the ins and outs of Federal Contracting

In the Federal Contracting Playbook, decades of knowledge from a consummate federal acquisition professional has been distilled into a comprehensive book that will teach the innovators of tomorrow how to win business from the federal government.

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